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The Dormie Club
Southern Pines, NC

The Details

The Challenge

The Dormie Club is a course in the sandhills of North Carolina and has some low areas with elevation changes and undergrowth that is very thick.  There was a path to the fairways that was out of the way for golfers that walked the course. The course needed a low-profile pedestrian bridge that would wind its way through the thick underbrush and allow golfers a more direct path to their balls. They also didn’t want the undergrowth coming up through the boards in the bridge as time went on.

The Solution

Black Creek Construction discussed different options and finally came up with a low-profile bridge that would wind its way up and down the revenues before tying into the next tee box or fairway. To combat the tall grasses that would be growing up around the bridge, we laid down heavy-duty filter fabric right under the decking on top of the stringers. This will restrict the grass from punching through the gaps in the decking and will also cut off sunlight to the grasses below.  The end result was 4 winding bridges that totaled close to 1000’ in total length. These bridges will be hidden in the grasses until you come up on them and then will allow for safe convenient passage to the golfer’s ball. 

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