Lakewood Amenities Kayak Launch


Waterways Community


Richmond Hill, GA

The Details

The Challenge

Our client had an amenities area being built for the community to come and hang out. One big feature of this community is access to the water for a variety of adventures. Two of which are kayaking and paddle boarding. They needed a way to allow people to get in and out of their kayaks and paddle boards safely.

The Solution

Black Creek was able to solve this problem by installing this aluminum-framed floating dock with timber decking that has the open slip in the middle of the dock. This allows the kayaker/paddleboarder to get in and out safely by using the guide bar over the slip. The slip will also keep the kayak or board from floating off while you are trying to get in or out. It had to be far enough out to stay off of the mud so we installed a gangway from our bulkhead to the floating dock. We then installed to piles as anchors and guides which will allow the dock to float up and down with the elevation of the water but not float off and away from its desired location.

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