Ramtec Dec Helical Pilings


Ramtec Dec


Pooler, GA

The Details

Fifteen galvanized helical piles were installed to meet engineering standards for the Glo Best Western Hotel’s front canopy.

The helical piles used for this project were 2.5” Schedule 40 galvanized tubing with the lead 7 feet section having a 12” and 14” helix with 3 feet in-between.

Black Creek’s mid-sized excavator attached to a 5,500 lb. rated drive head was used to torque the helical piles into the ground. A hydraulic pressure gauge is used to read the Psi output.

The hydraulic pressure reading is used for the determination of the required load being reached. All helical Piles were installed at a 15-degree batter, with the lead section driving away from the footer. This was done to help with the lateral loads.

This project was completed for the general contractor in two days, with all helical piles being accepted at the required Psi and depth. The deepest pile reached 29 feet.


A Visual Glimpse Of The Project

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