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Enjoy your waterfront property!

You love living on the water. 

Isn’t it time to fully enjoy your water-front property.

Whether it’s erosion control or water-front access, our solutions will create a way for you to have access to your water-front property for decades to come. 

Black Creek Construction delivers quality construction work with timeless results. Our legacy has been built through strong skills in communication, in-depth knowledge of the building process, and the ability to problem-solve.

Our approach is to be environmentally conscious, always mindful of how nature plays a part in the building process.

Erosion Control

A lot of homeowners buy water-front property to enjoy the beautiful views but didn’t know that their land is slowly being taken by the creek or river.

The best resolution for this issue is a bulkhead. This allows you to establish a clear border where your land ends and the marshlands/creek begins. The bulkhead will not only allow you to retain your land but will also help with the elevation of your land. A bulkhead can allow you to have a level backyard where there was once a downward sloping yard that ran into marsh grasses or to a cliff that dropped into the river.

A bulkhead is more than likely the solution to your erosion issues and here at Black Creek Construction we make sure the bulkhead we install is there to last decades. We use top-grade materials from the marine grade lumber, the SS hardware, or the heavy-duty Terra filter fabric that will not allow any soil to escape. We don’t skip corners to save a dime.

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Waterfront Access

When buying a home on the water, most people do so to enjoy easy access to the river or creek.

Sometimes this may not be so easy due to marshes, wetlands, or other obstacles. Maybe you just want a dock over the water to really soak in the views and park your boat.

Your best option would be a dock installation. This will allow you to enjoy the waterway you bought with your home or land while also allowing you to easily dock or store your boat.

Docks have an abundant number of accessories that can be added to make yours a one-of-a-kind dock.

Black Creek Construction will be able to talk you through the process and decide what accessories take priority based upon what experiences you are trying to achieve from your dock.

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We were introduced to Hal Davis and the Black Creek Construction team by our Waterways neighbors, who highly recommended they do the installation of our dock since they had been so pleased with the installation of their docks.

Black Creek Construction responded immediately to our dock needs – they handled the paperwork and arrived as promised to do the installation as quoted and on time. Their workmanship, positive attitude, and attention to detail were unsurpassed. They are experts in their field.

John & Judy Stoklosa


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